BASIC UX DESIGN, Bosnia and Herzegovina

From the 5th till 13th of March 2023 in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo there was implemented fourth Training Course under the project “Sharing Design Your Job” called Basic UX Design.

21 participants from 6 countries had an opportunity to learn about Basic UX Design. During their first three days, they had to, first, properly meet each other through Ice Breakers on fresh air. As many of the participants were not that much familiar with the topic of UX Design, the first two days were focused on learning basic knowledge. Trainer, Mr. Azur Avdić introduced them to the term UX Design, and through funny games taught them the differences between UX and UI. Further, he gave them wider insight into terms such as UX thinking and its phases, UX research, its benefits, and types. After understanding better what UX represents participants had an opportunity to work on defining user problems, hypothesis statements, and understanding human factors. To make a break, and fill up with energy on the fifth day participants were given free time to explore the city of Sarajevo.
The first part of the Training Course was dedicated to learning more through theory so they can apply the same in the practical part. After a free day, gaining new knowledge and skills continued through prototyping. In the last three days, participants got to know better Figma and Digital wireframes. They were able to practice designing wireframes on paper, later on, create them in digital form, and eventually build prototypes in Figma. The part which made them the most excited to have fun on work with was creating a mockup. By taking a final quiz and evaluation on their products in Figma participants concluded 7 days of learning.

What was the most significant part for the participants, besides gaining new knowledge and skills, is meeting new cultures, exploring a new country, and making new friendships that will last for a very long time. All above determined this course as a positive experience which is another measure of the importance of the Erasmus + projects.